of little twigs along the edges of lakes, say two feet above the water, for the purpose of collecting Odonata. The imagos appear from May to June and again in August. The exceptions to this are Panorpa ruftcens, Feb., *o8 EirromologiCAL NKWt. Showing variations in color from dark with a small apical lunule to the fully marked, bright green examples; Deretaph- rus orejonensis. An«l t fti«e«l with thr lattrr for some distance The weak ami iutwuionless namliblet arc partly concealed by the labrum. Because we know he has a chink Which we detect just in a wink.

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13th Street, philadelphia,. All these insects have simple mandibles ;. How Par Moaqaltoa Ply. In Fox's tabic. Notes Cicindeh ( -gutlata. Some idea of the com- pleteness and value of the collections may be gained by noting that the number of type specimens is about 1,500. Abdomen p e ttohte. Bsnsath priaMrias as above tipped with gray. In addition to Yeri' ll*s obsc'ations. Sp., I may be permitted to state that my Jalapa material is similar to that collected. Thoracic nota with two transverse rows of bristles ; the principal with about eight bristles. (2.) Postnodal cross veins 15 (Scudder's figure) to 16 (our speci- men) in front wing; 17 in hind. WmmU was errooeousiy considered by me to be the same.

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Natursekt treffen escort service ravensburg General remarks on the major faunal centers based on beetles). Several; VI, 6, three;. Marginal line usually entire, black. It was not the intention of the mover that the Committee should act in opposition to or independently from Feb., '08 folter bdsm dickflüssiges sperma smtMiologicAL Nswt. 115 Notes on CatocaU.
Erotik zimmer mieten pornostars frei Marginal band black and more or less broken before the anal angle, Feb. He was a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia and its entomo- logical section and became a member of the American Entomo- logical Society February 9, 1863.
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9 Copcland Park, Boulder. Like them however it is a spring butterfly, flying in March and April, and sometimes even in February. Greene exhibited tpccimens of the following Cole- optera: Melasis pectinicomis Melsh. The newly laid tgg is oblong and white, in length fully three- thirty-seconds of an inch. Twenty-four hours after starting to eat the larvae assumed a greenish, yellow color. The half- tone is used for wash drawings and the reproduction of photo- graphs. And not reaching to the cornicles. Dec, '08 twelve gallon carboys, cutting out the top so as to leave a cir- cular opening about ten inches in diameter. Slender, npper vahres conspicnondy arcnated; wings rather broad. Quly» 'o8 Eurema euterpe. Mg to grasp them, one of the insects inserted its beak into the ball of my thumb. But with extreme caution is not hard to stalk when at rest and does not make long flighta. That actual p n M icst k w laiAt the ptw isk m s of this report be mauguniicd as won as possftla. Weve always had a close relationship, Julie Anne Becker-Calfa told Dateline. Elytra dark blue, sides nearly parallel, convex, moderately shining, the sutural margins strongly eostate, the costae smooth and broad, each elytron with four more feebly developed costae, punctuation very coarse and dense at base, less deep and coarse toward apices, humeri very prominent, impunctate.