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A page from a Sears catalog of home electrical appliances from 1918 includes a portable vibrator with attachments, billed as "very useful and satisfactory for home service". Citation needed In 1873, the first electromechanical vibrator was used at an asylum in France for the treatment of hysteria. Citation needed By 1870, a clockwork-driven vibrator was available for physicians. Citation needed While physicians of the period acknowledged that the disorder stemmed from sexual dissatisfaction, they seemed unaware of or unwilling to admit the sexual purposes of the devices used to treat. "Film Chronicles RI's Asian Brothels".

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In 1653, Pieter van Foreest 2 advised the technique of genital massage for a disease called "womb disease" to bring the woman into "hysterical paroxysm ". Citation needed In fact, the introduction of the speculum was far more controversial than that of the vibrator. There are pre-made versions of Nuru Gel available as well as powdered versions. There is also a large commercial erotic massage industry in some countries and cities. 4, along with other forms of sex work, Nuru massages are legal in rural areas in Nevada,. Today, erotic massage is used by some people on occasion as a part of sex, either as foreplay or as the final sex act, or as part of sex therapy. Sex therapy edit Erotic massage may be used in sex therapy as a means of stimulating the libido or increasing the ability of a person to respond positively to sensual stimulus. By the turn of the 20th century, the spread of home electricity brought the vibrator to the consumer market. 2 3, during the massage, participants will try to get the widest possible physical contact, triggering strong tactile sensations designed to relieve stress. 3 Development of the vibrator edit Main article: Vibrator (sex toy) A solution was the invention of massage devices, which shortened the needed treatment from hours to minutes, removing the need for midwives and increasing a physician's treatment capacity. Contents, commercial erotic and sexual massage edit, an erotic and sexual massage may be provided by independent providers, providers of broader sexual services, or through organized massage parlors or brothels. The film focuses on "full service" massage parlors, although "rub and tug" massage parlors (where only handjobs are offered) are also covered. Massage of erogenous zones for sexual arousal or orgasm.