single loop and double loop models in research on decision making

quite a different story. In this case, providing additional load to that chiller provides a heat source for the energy recovery process. At full load conditions, the increased chiller power requirement to overcome the increased lift will more than offset the savings from the smaller cooling tower fan and condenser pump. Since pumps are direct drive, the pump curves are typically for standard motor speeds (1200, 1800 or 3600 rpm). With larger chillers that offer flexible shell arrangements, single pass shells can be used to lower the pressure drop. Single - loop learning edit Mental models affect the way that people work with information, and also how they determine the final decision. Figure 47 - Primary. A common cooling tower is also possible but not common for parallel chillers. Due to diversity, not all the connected loads will "peak" at the same time as the building peak load.

Single loop and double loop models in research on decision making - Org, learning in organizations

Winter Load Application Another good application for a dual or VFD chiller is winter load applications. The air conditioning system is floor-by-floor VAV with reheat and a single chiller plant as shown in Figure. Therefore, the need to change the status quo, the present status of knowledge, gets overlooked. Using the BAS to operate the equipment makes the operation easily visible to the control system and to the operator. When open cooling towers are used in condenser piping, the loop is an open type. The issue is whether the cooling coils can meet the local loads with the higher chilled water temperature. As the pressure drop through the decoupler increases, it tends to make the primary and secondary pumps behave like they are in series. The leaving air condition.5oF and 100. Since this scenario is likely to occur during intermediate weather, dehumidification may not be an issue.

Single loop and double loop models in research on decision making - Chiller Plant Design

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Single loop and double loop models in research on decision making - Creativity, Thinking Skills, Critical

Primary pumps need only provide enough head to move chilled water through the chiller and the piping pressure drops between the chiller and the secondary pumps. The power required to overcome the coil pressure drop decrease by the cube root as the air volume decreases. (See Low Delta T Example, page 80). In the winter, there is no advantage, as either system will operate at the minimum condensing temperature permissible by the refrigeration system. The differential pressure shall be measured at or near the furthest coil or the coil requiring the greatest pressure differential. Table 3 - Suggested Supply Water Temperatures Chilled Water Temperature Ranges (oF) Suggested Supply Water Temperature (oF) Table 3 provides suggested supply water temperatures for various ranges. The chiller that is then used as the lag chiller provides too much lift and is not optimized. Access doors must be gasketed and tight fitting (8.11.7). Figure 38 - Typical Parallel Chiller System Cooling Towers Water-cooled chillers will require cooling towers. Products such as fan coils and unit ventilators have standardized coils designed to work with 10 to 12oF chilled water range. Refer to Single Chiller Sequence of Operation, page. The BAS can be preprogrammed with the appropriate pump speed required to deliver the correct flow to each chiller. Series Chillers Sequence of Operation Series chillers can preferentially load chillers. The following are some points to consider: The traditional ARI operating conditions work very well for many buildings. Whether an increased condenser temperature range will save energy annually will depend on when the crossover point occurs (the pump motor size) and the chiller operating profile (whether the operating hours favor the chiller or the pump). To reduce installation and operating costs, it is desirable to apply diversity to system flow. Mental models are iconic,.e., each part of a model corresponds to each part of what it represents (Johnson-Laird, 2006). If zäpfchenspiele markt erotik bremen the piping is exposed to cold ambient conditions, however, it could need to be insulated and heat traced to avoid freezing.